We offer customised advice identifying the best legal option for the customer’s interests

Companies /


  • Incorporation of all types of companies, advising about the best legal structure in relation to the business that is to be carried out and the parties involved.
  • Corporate operations and Company restructuring: Contracts for the purchase and sale of shares and other corporate shareholdings, capital increases, mergers, divisions and dissolutions of mercantile entities.
  • Corporate disputes.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • Secretariat of Boards.
  • Advice to general meetings of partners and shareholders.

Mercantile contracts /


  • Advice from a multidisciplinary point of view and negotiation of all types of contracts according to their legal nature, terms and conditions.
  • Monitoring and coordination in management and implementation of deadlines and payment. Drafting of records evidencing risky proceedings in contract.
  • Coordination of disputes between Parties, advice in Arbitrations.
  • General terms of contract.
  • Framework contracts: supply and / or services contracts.

LOPD:  Data Protection /


  • Implementation and monitoring of legal requirements.
  • Definition and description of files.
  • Registration in the National Agency of Data Protection.
  • Security Documents.
  • Information principle in work contracts and the provision of services.
  • Intermediation in management.
  • Problems of data protection in business groups, national and/or international.

Family business /


  • Professionalisation of the family business. Risk assessment.
  • Management models for family business.
  • Planning of generational change and the succession process.
  • Family protocols and development tools.
  • Wealth management.

Investments /


  • Investment strategies according to opportunities in the sector selected.
  • Choice of corporate vehicles adapted to the investment.
  • Accompaniment and advice on financing of third parties.

Industrial property /


  • Comprehensive consulting service at national and international level.
  • Study and preparation of reports prior to an application for a trademark or trade name.
  • Brand advice and management.

Prevention of Money Laundering /


  • Monitoring of legal obligations according to the company’s sector of activity.
  • Proposals for internal procedures for monitoring and supervision.
  • Constitution of the internal control body and its monitoring.
  • Training of staff within the company.

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