Non-Profit Entities carry out different activities in both the public and private sectors that require their own specialities

We work with Associations, Foundations and other non-profit agents in the design and start-up of projects at national and international level.

Comprehensive service for non-profit entities: we offer specific, specialist customer care, carrying out complementary services for technical assistance, advice and support to allow non-profit entities to be able to invest all their efforts in their main activity.

Main services /

Non-profit entities

  • Incorporation deed, Creation of articles of association and internal regulations.
  • Entries in the appropriate Registers according to Autonomous Community.
  • Preparation of the Action Plan and Annual Budgets.
  • Advice and management of the Entity.
  • Secretariat of Foundations and Associations. Drafting of minutes and custody and management of documents.
  • Their Winding-Up and Liquidation.

We support our customers in all the proceedings helping them to boost their performance on their particular markets.