We provide you with solutions to succeed and legal tools to ensure
legal security in your international operations and projects

Corporate structures /


  • Advice on legal framework for international markets: local legislation and technical barriers.
  • Creation of suitable legal and fiscal frameworks for internationalisation / expansion projects: Subsidiaries, permanent establishments, branches, groups of companies, consortiums, joint ventures…
  • Optimization of tax costs and risks of the investment group in host countries.
  • Shareholder agreements: Prevention of conflicts with local partners.
  • Advice and Coordination in formalities with Agents and foreign Authorities.
  • Assistance and monitoring in internationalisation processes and incident management.
  • Formal requirements and procedures for the appointment of representatives and agents.

Fiscal /

International  Management

  • Creation of structures optimising the fiscal costs of the investor group.
  • Prevention of Double Taxation: Analysis and Application of existing agreements.
  • Tax registration in the countries of destination.
  • Coordination in registration and International VAT returns.
  • Management of tax withholdings.
  • Repatriation of capital and tax planning of the disinvestment.

International Means of payment /


  • Risk analysis in International Trade Operations.
  • Coverage and security in its international operations, documentary credits, stand-by letters, performance bond,…
  • Coordination between legal documentation, payment instruments and export documents.
  • Selection of the most appropriate INCOTERM, assessing the benefits, risks and possibilities of financing...
  • Foreign exchange hedging: valuation context/cost.
  • Advice in credit and/or exchange insurance.

International commercial contracting /


  • Legal assistance on the preparation of international contracts and negotiations: investments abroad, corporate agreements, exports and imports…
  • Legal coverage on commercial transactions: Letter of intent, Memorandum of understanding,…
  • Especially customised contracts, appropriate to the language and existing legislation between the parties: international sale of goods, distribution, Agency, franchising, International joint venture (Equity or Non Equity), Supply and Installation, Turnkey projects…
  • Review, analysis and monitoring of current contracts. Incident management.
  • International competitive tenders and biddings.

International Labour Management /


  • Temporary secondment of workers from the parent company: management of visas, work permits and communications to local authorities.
  • Expatriation of executive and technical staff of the parent company.
  • Employment contracts in accordance with local legislation.
  • Technical assistance contracts.
  • Legal and fiscal implications of representatives and legal representatives.
  • Revision of social security and health care agreements.

Foreign investments /


  • Establishment of legal structures (branches, subsidiaries, holding companies, ...)
  • Legal representation of investor groups in Spain.
  • Advice on agreements and concluding contracts in accordance with Spanish legislation.
  • Legal record management and licensing of activity.
  • Integrated management in Spain of foreign investments (legal, tax, labour and administrative).
  • Post office to foreign entities.

And the most important: Our consulting concept guarantees end-to-end accompaniment throughout the entire process