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Secure International Operations

International Corporate Structures

  • Advisory on the legal framework of international markets: local legislations and technical barriers.
  • Creation of suitable legal structures for your internationalization-expansion project: subsidiaries, permanent establishments, branches, business groupings, consortia, joint ventures, etc…
  • Optimization of tax costs and investment risks for the investment group at the destination.
  • Shareholder Agreements: Prevention of conflicts with local partners, business groups, holdings.
  • Consultation and coordination for legal proceedings with Foreign Authorities and Administrations.
  • Tracking internationalization processes and handling incidents.
  • Requirements and formal procedures for the appointment of representatives and proxies.

International Business Contracting

  • Support in negotiating and crafting international contracts: investments, corporate agreements, exports, and imports, …
  • Preliminary legal coverage for commercial operations: Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding, Non-Disclosure Agreement…
  • Contracts tailored to the applicable legal framework based on negotiation: Purchase and Sale, International Distribution, Agency, Franchising, International Joint Ventures (Equity or Non-Equity), Supply and Installation, Outsourcing, …
  • Analysis, review, and ongoing monitoring of active contracts and general terms. Handling incidents and unexpected events.

International Tax Management

  • Designing structures to optimize the tax costs of the investing group.
  • Double Taxation Prevention: Analysis and application of existing treaties.
  • Tax registration in destination countries.
  • Coordination of registration and declarations of international VAT.
  • Management of tax withholdings.
  • Repatriation of funds and fiscal planning for divestment.

International labor management

  • Short and long-term posting of workers: visa management, work permits, and notifications to local authorities
  • Expatriation of executive and technical staff from the headquarters.
    Framework agreements: service recipients, employees (secondment agreements).
  • Technical assistance contracts.
  • Legal and tax implications of representatives and proxies.
  • Review of Social Security and healthcare treaties.

International Payment Forms

  • Risk analysis in international trade operations.
  • Coverage and security for your international operations: documentary credits, standby letters of credit (SBLC), performance bonds…
  • Coordinating legal documentation, payment instruments, and export documents.
  • Selection of the most suitable INCOTERM, considering advantages, risks, and financing possibilities based on the contract or negotiation.
  • Foreign exchange coverage: context/cost assessment.

Foreign investments

  • Establishment of corporate structures (branches, subsidiaries, holdings…).
  • Legal representation of investment groups in Spain.
  • Advisory on agreements and contract formalization according to Spanish legislation.
  • Management of commercial and property registrations and activity licenses.
  • Comprehensive management in Spain of foreign investments (legal, tax, labor, and administrative).
  • Post office for foreign entities.

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