Non-Profit Organizations

Legal assistance in its governance and support in the realization of its foundational purposes.
Non-profit entities have specific needs and distinct challenges due to the social or environmental impact they generate. Our assistance is focused on maximizing this impact and ensuring that the organization is fulfilling its social objectives. We collaborate with Associations, Foundations, and Non-Profit Organizations in designing and implementing projects on both national and international levels.

Integral service

We offer specific and specialized attention to ensure they run under the established legal framework and comply with all applicable regulations, allowing these entities to devote all their efforts to their main activity

Core Services

  • Incorporation, development of statutes, and internal regulations.
  • Registration in accordance with their scope of operation.
  • Support and coordination for the Action Plan and Budget.
  • Governance and compliance.
  • Outsourced services for foundations and associations: Drafting minutes, certificates, reports; document custody and management.
  • Contracts and cooperation agreements.
  • International activities.
  • Privacy policy, personal data security, and informed consent.
  • Sponsorships.

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