The rapid evolution of local and international legislation requires companies to continually adapt their corporate structures, and for this purpose, we assist them in their business endeavors, generating stability and tax optimization.

Corporate Structures

Contractual agreements, legal requirements, and selecting the legal form most suitable for the type of business you wish to establish.

  • Incorporation of companies, legal analysis, share capital, and the most suitable shareholding structure in relation to the business and the parties involved.
  • Commercial, fiscal, and administrative registration procedures.
  • Corporate operations and business restructurings: Share and equity purchase agreements, capital increases, mergers, spin-offs, and dissolutions of corporate entities.
  • Corporate conflicts.
  • Shareholders’ agreements.
  • Board Secretariat. Corporate advisory: General meetings of shareholders and stockholders.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to sector-specific regulations, including anti-money laundering prevention, and proposals for internal control and oversight processes.
  • Due Diligence of clients and business partners.

Commercial contracts

Multidisciplinary advisory services in negotiating various types of contracts based on their legal nature, terms, and conditions

  • Drafting and monitoring of international commercial contracts, while also overseeing management coordination, execution timelines, and payments. Including the preparation of justifying minutes for different contract phases.
  • Dispute resolution coordination between parties, arbitration guidance.
  • General Contractual Terms and Conditions.
  • Framework agreements for supply and/or service provision.
  • International distribution and agency contracts.

Data protection

Integrated solutions for implementing strategic changes that enable legal compliance with personal data protection regulations as a cross-cutting obligation that affects all companies.

Assistance to guarantee data security and compliance with the duty of confidentiality and privacy.


  • Implementation and monitoring of legal requirements.
  • Assessment of risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Development of policies and procedures.
  • Training and awareness for employees and work teams on best practices in data protection.
  • Principle of information in employment and service provision contracts.
  • Regular evaluations.
  • Problem-solving for data protection within company groups, whether at a national or international level.
  • Implementation and monitoring of legal requirements.
  • Definition and description of files.
  • National Data Protection Agency registration.
  • Security documents.
  • Principle of information in employment and service provision contracts.
  • Intermediation in management.
  • Problems solution of protection data from business groups, both national and/or international.

Family business

We provide support in devising strategies for companies owned by one or multiple families, facilitating the management of their operations at the intersection of family dynamics and business decisions

  • Analysis and risk assessment.

  • Establishment of family governance and management models.

  • Reinforcement of family ethics and values.

  • Resolution of internal conflicts.

  • Design of succession plans and preparation for generational transition.

  • Creation of family protocols and developmental tools.

  • Maximization of tax benefits.

  • Efficient estate management.

Industrial property

  • Consulting for national and international intellectual property protection.
  • Availability searches and preliminary reports.
  • Feasibility analysis, development of strategies for its protection and defense.
  • Advisory and registration services for trademarks.
  • License agreements and rights transfer.
  • Guidance in cases of infringement or unfair competition.

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